Jubilee Playing Fields

The Jubilee Playing Field is owned, managed and maintained by Stretton Parish Council.

Stretton Parish Council manage the use of the field to ensure that as many local / community groups can have access to safe and well maintained facilities for the playing of sport and undertaking of any sports training and fitness.

Stretton Parish Council require users to book the use of the field for any of the following:

  • Use of football pitches
  • Use of floodlight area for matches or any sports / fitness training /organised activities(either using the floodlights or not)
  • Use of any other part of the field for sports / fitness training / organised activities

To enquire about using the field please contact Mrs A Smith, Parish Clerk/Responsible Officer on 01283 537939 or

Should anyone be found to be using the field without permission or knowledge of the Parish Council they will be asked to leave immediately.