Parish Council Information

Parish Council Information

Stretton Parish Council represents the communities of Stretton and Stretton South East and in doing so :

  • Owns and maintains Bitham Lane Community Park and Jubilee Playing Fields where play equipment is provided
  • Owns and maintains the Woodland Walk encompassing the public footpath and cycleway
  • Owns and maintains the Millennium Garden and War Memorial
  • Owns and maintains the Green and land at Beech Lane
  • Owns and maintains the Stretton side of the Jinny Nature Trail
  • Owns the land which is leased to Stretton Allotments Association and Stretton Bowls Club
  • Is the Trustee of the Stretton Priory Centre which is run by a Management Committee
  • Is consulted over development plans where permission is required and other planning matters
  • Awards grants for the benefit of the inhabitants – subject to legal limits and annual budget
  • Provides notice boards for Parish information
  • Funds, manages and operates the Stretton Parish Council website

How Are We Funded?
We are funded principally through the Precept, an amount demanded by the Parish Council from East Staffordshire Borough Council in January of each year for the next financial year.  East Staffordshire Borough Council collects this money through the Council Tax.

How Do We Work?
Our Parish Council has 11 members, who are normally elected for a four year term of office.  10 members from Stretton and 1 member from Stretton South East.

We employ a Parish Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer and Proper Officer and thus acts as Secretary, advisor and treasurer to the Council and the Priory Centre Manager who also looks after the Parish Changing Rooms.

Service level agreements are in place for Maintenance Contractors who look after the Parish amenity areas.

The Parish Council delegates defined responsibilities to a number of Committees which are made up of Councillors and co-opted members .