Burton Town Deal Board Plan Consultation

Burton upon Trent is one of 100 towns that have been selected to bid for up to £25m from the Towns Fund. In order to do this, a Town Deal Board has been established, which is a partnership made up of representatives from the community, public, and private sectors.

As part of this process, the Town Deal Board has been tasked with creating a Town Investment Plan for Burton, which is a document that sets out the vision and ambitions for the town if it were successful in its funding bid. The Town Investment Plan will build upon the 2019 Regeneration Strategy for Burton and will set out a number of proposed interventions to help ‘level up’ the town.

In order to inform the final version of the Town Investment Plan, the Town Deal Board is seeking the public’s views on its longlist of intervention proposals, which cross a number of themes from highways, to education, to culture and leisure. Whilst the rest of the Investment Plan will focus on the vision for the town, this consultation is primarily for the intervention proposals themselves.

Please use the link below to access further information and the consultation documents


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